We are proud of our hard earned reputation, and will not jeopardise our good name by making misleading, or aspirational claims that we cannot meet. For this reason, we outline in this section the type of work we are prepared to undertake. If your own project type is not shown, please either give us a call or submit your enquiry so that we may discuss your specific requirements more fully.

If having discussed matters, we are unable to help you, we shall say so, and we are sure that this would be preferable to you than us agreeing to undertake a project in which we aren’t able to offer professional expertise.




Here at Ambient, we offer a range of driveways to achieve the perfect front to your property.

Marshalls Tegula Drivesett Tegula Dive Set
The aged character of Tegula Drivesett offers an established look instantly. The perfect backdrop for more traditional homes.

A circle & new octant feature pack are available together with matching Tegula Cobbles, Tegula Kerb & Tegula Kerb systems.

Natural Sandstone Paving Natural Sandstone Paving Installments
Specially graded sandstone paving from Ethical sources
Enduring quality for timeless appeal
Tapered edges, Weathers beautifully
Driveset Duo Tegula Dive Set
Three block sizes mean Drivesett Duo can be laid in random patterns Optimum mix is 13 large, 18 medium and 3 small blocks per square metre

Take blocks from a number of packs to ensure a variegated, multi-shade effect Blocks are supplied shrink-wrapped. Each pack contains blocks of one size only

Quality Path & Driveway Features
Below you will find some of the special features that can be incorporated into your driveway…